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About Our club

Members of the Multi-Million Dollar Club are licensed Real Estate Agents and Brokers in the state of Oregon but are also members of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Not only are Multi-Million Dollar Club members of Eugene successful in their business, selling at least $2,000,000 per year in real estate, but they are also contributing members of their community. Multi-Million Dollar Club members support a variety of causes including student scholarships for real estate, supporting local organizations, and donating to causes such as Habitat for Humanity.

Being a MMDC member is more than just showing beautiful homes and investment properties. Our members possess exceptional skills in listening, negotiating, organization, and attention to detail in understanding legal and financial issues and construction and interior design.

To be a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club, one must be willing to work days, nights, and especially weekends. Being a REALTOR® is unique in that all the negotiations are settled, all concerns met, and all the papers are signed long before the REALTOR® is compensated. Commitment to service and success is the standard!

The MMDC founders’ original goals of fostering and encouraging closer relationships, friendship, and cooperation have been accomplished over and over during the years. The general public continues to consider membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Club as proof that they are dealing with a successful real estate sales professional. Contact the Multi-Million Dollar Club or check out our MMDC membership directory to find a REALTOR® today.

The Multi-Million Dollar Club is deeply integrated into our communities. Discover how we’ve made a difference in Lane County through donating to causes such as Habitat for Humanity.

P.O. Box 72484
Springfield, OR 97475